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Generating referrals and building an engaged customer base


Building a strong referral base provides significant advantages to most businesses — the challenge is in maintaining and growing this base in a competitive and distracted marketplace.


We recommend a three part approach to reach, attract and engage your target market.

The first part focusses on referrals from workers, friends, families and most importantly current, happy customers. This program encourages those in your sphere of influence to spread the word about your strengths and benefits.

When potential clients look for services, where do they turn?

According to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than other sources. And, to quote, well just about everybody — you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Statistics show the majority of people are more likely to give referrals when prompted or given incentive to do so.

The second part, and possibly the most important for your brand, is based on generating referrals from the community. This activity leverages social proof, namely, that your organization is involved with and cares about the local community. During this phase we develop pairings, partnerships and volunteer activities – creating goodwill and good press! Both of which help to build a strong brand and positive reputation.

The third part is based on getting referrals from the web. These efforts rely on several tactics including SEO, encouraging positive (searchable) recommendations, and making additional content about your company available to search engines.

As with all marketing efforts, this approach provides the best results when used in full — with each part reinforcing the effect of the others.

In marketing authenticity matters. It takes commitment, time and effort to successfully brand your organization not only as being good at what it does, but also as an important member of the community.