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Engaging Emails

The original Social Media


You might say emails were the original social media. They continue to evolve and can play many marketing roles including: create awareness and interest; share and promote information; generate leads; and maintain customers relationships.

Creating emails that grab attention always takes effort. But building an email that delivers impact and looks great on various email clients and browsers can be a real challenge.


The Thomas Group has been building powerful emails for years. We start with a sound marketing strategy, add fastidious technical expertise, and finish with engaging creative.

Our emails range from the simplistic to more complex — incorporating interactive and kinetic components. And we make sure they function as great as they look!


Emails rule as a cost-effective, one-to-many reach vehicle. The average ROI for emails surpasses many other direct marketing formats. Additionally, adding visuals not only increases engagement, but also increases memorability.

Want to learn how The Thomas Group can help you make the most of your email marketing efforts, let us know.