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Make Your Message Memorable


Do you have a special message you want to get out to your customers? Need to announce a limited-time offer? Thank clients for their support and business? Or just send some seasonal greetings?

Rise above the competition in the inbox with engaging content. In a recent study, 58% of marketers said increasing email engagement is their #1 goal, while 44% said it was their #1 challenge.

A solution? — Make sure your content is memorable. Custom emails with interactive or animated components are a great WAY to say, “this is special so take a moment and have a look”.


On special occasions we’ve created emails for ourselves such as these below. We have some fun, we push technology to the edge, and we show a little more personality. While shown here in video, all of these were delivered via email using html & css interactive technology.

Want to learn how The Thomas Group can help you make the most of your email marketing efforts, let us know.