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Be A Part Of It

Loaves & Fishes Community Food Pantry


The Thomas Group was given the opportunity to develop a marketing campaign for a local food pantry. The campaign’s objectives were to raise visibility within the community, and to involve, encourage and retain donors.


We developed the “Be A Part Of It” campaign which focused on creating an emotional connection with the audience. We believed “Being a Part of It!” would fulfill a desire to connect with others and encourage people to take pride in their community. We wanted to convey that by contributing to the community one person can make a difference, and that helping others provides rewards for everyone.


  • Advertising and content development — seasonally themed ad series, delivered via print, online, email and broadcast.
  • Sponsored events — created a sense of community for donors and potential donors.
  • Press releases and printed materials.
  • Videos — shown at local movie theaters during peak holiday giving period.


The donor fundraiser was a big success, raising awareness and increasing donations for the fiscal year. The video focused on community involvement and featured over 40 volunteers demonstrating ways to get involved with the pantry. It was viewed on local TV and in surrounding movie theaters reinforcing the theme of “Be A Part of It”.